Major Donors – those who give $500 or more per year to MEIC – play a vital role in supporting the organization for the long term. Members may also support MEIC by joining the Clean and Healthful Legacy Society or donating to the Permanent Fund.

The Clean and Healthful Legacy Society

Through a thoughtful program of planned giving, you can continue to provide crucial support to MEIC even after you are gone, while possibly receiving significant tax benefits today. And you don’t have to be wealthy. The benefits of planned giving are available to all of us, at every income and asset level. Even a modest gift can help build an endowment that will sustain MEIC’s vital work into the future.

The Permanent Fund

More than 25 years ago MEIC established the Permanent Fund as its endowment — to help us protect and restore Montana’s natural environment now and in the years to come. An endowment provides the financial security and long-term stability needed to weather unpredictable and cyclical funding. All gifts to the Permanent Fund are invested. Only the income earned on these investments is spent, and all of it goes to MEIC.

For more information please contact Mel Griffin, Director of Major Gifts, at

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