The Environmental Protection Agency just issued a draft of precedent-setting standards under the Clean Air Act to curb industrial carbon pollution from new power plants. Power plants are the nation’s largest polluter of carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute to global warming. In fact, here in Montana, Pennsylvania Power’s Colstrip Plant is the 8th largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the nation! While the EPA’s new rule will only address new plants, it is critical that we don’t have more greenhouse gas pollution sources like Colstrip billowing out carbon.

Warmer temperatures intensify smog pollution and its health impacts on Americans, including more asthma attacks in children and seniors. Here in Montana, warmer temperatures have been linked to drier summers and a decreased snowpack.

Over the past year, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed many measures seeking to restrict the ability of the Environmental Protection Agency to protect the public health under the Clean Air Act, including the agency’s ability to control carbon pollution. The Obama administration deserves credit for standing up to defend the Clean Air Act from these efforts and for moving forward with these landmark standards.

It is vital that millions of Americans tell the administration to keep doing the right thing. It’s time we stop global warming in Montana.

Please, contact EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson today and urge the agency to finalize strong standards to curb industrial carbon pollution!

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