Pressure to develop Montana landscapes for residential, commercial, and industrial use is on the rise. Developers see the huge economic gains to be made in building new subdivisions or resorts, in opening up vast open pit strip mines, and in allowing unchecked developments. But along with this sprawl comes the loss of open space and wildlife habitat, road congestion, and increased air and water pollution.

MEIC works hard to protect the healthy, open landscapes that make Montana special. We work in the Montana legislature and with the State Land Board to assure that our lands stay free from unchecked development, pollution, and habitat loss.

State Lands Protection

MEIC works to safeguard more than 5.1 million acres of Montana school trust lands that are managed by the Montana DNRC.

Subdivisions and Planning

Montana’s population is growing, and MEIC is working to assure that development is planned accordingly to protect our air and water and to preserve our rural open spaces.

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