MEIC is at the forefront of the reform of mining in Montana. MEIC has long been known for its work on irresponsible hardrock mining in Montana – specifically its role in passing I-137, the citizen-passed law that prohibits new open-pit, cyanide leach mines in the state. Coal mining has also seen a recent resurgence in recent years, and MEIC is working hard to account for the devastating open pit coal strip mining. MEIC also works closely with citizens groups and the legislature to address gravel pits.

Hardrock and Cyanide Mining in Montana

Hardrock and Cyanide Mining

MEIC has been at the forefront of hardrock mining reform in Montana, working with government agencies, the legislature, and citizens groups to assure that our water stays clean and mining disturbance is fully reclaimed.

Coal Mining in Montana

Coal Mining

Developers are increasingly looking at coal mining in Montana because of our vast coal reserves and potential for export. MEIC is working hard to prevent the development of new coal mines and stop the expanion of expansion of existing mines.

Gravel Pit Mining in Montana

Gravel Pits

As Montana’s population continues to grow, and as more new houses, roads, and highways are built, many new Montana gravel pits are being developed in the state. Yet Montana’s laws contain only minimal provisions for their regulation.

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