Fossil fuel development and the toxic burning of hazardous waste are just a few factors contributing to the degradation of Montana’s air quality and climate. With the ultimate goal of air that is clean and safe to breathe and a stable climate, MEIC works with citizen groups, supports legislation, and acts as an agency watchdog to ensure that regulations are complied with and enforced.

Photo by Solar Montana/Jessica Jones.

Montana and the Clean Power Plan

The Clean Power Plan proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will play a critical role in reducing dangerous carbon emissions in Montana as well as assist in spurring clean energy development and jobs.

Clean Air Policies

MEIC works to keep the Big Sky clean by monitoring both federal and State policies and regulations that affect the air we breath.

Tire Burning Pollution

MEIC carefully monitors any proposals to burn tires in Montana, including the Holcim proposal in the Gallatin Valley.

Coal Burning Pollution

MEIC works hard to account for the true costs of burning coal, from climate change to the associated health effects.

Global Warming Pollution

MEIC recognizes the dire threat of climate change, and works hard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Montana.

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