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As early as tomorrow, U.S. Senators Jon Tester and Steve Daines will vote on resolutions that could permanently block the Clean Power Plan. These resolutions are an extreme assault on public health, Montana’s rapidly expanding clean energy economy, and the modernization of our energy sector. It is imperative that you contact Senator Jon Tester and Senator Steve Daines, and ask that they vote against these terrible resolutions.

The Clean Power Plan puts in place commonsense limits on power plant carbon pollution, and requires a plan to be developed with the input of folks from across Montana. It provides the flexibility Montana needs to develop a plan to meet pollution reduction targets and grow our economy. Blocking these commonsense safeguards puts polluter profits before the health of our children and compromises one of Montana’s fastest-growing sectors: clean energy.

Coal-fired power plants are the country’s single largest source of the pollution fueling climate change, and the Clean Power Plan is the single biggest step we have ever taken to tackle climate change. Montanans are already experiencing the effects of climate change through lower snowpack, less water in our rivers and streams, and longer and more intense fire seasons.

The world’s leading scientists agree that failing to act on climate change will ensure worsening extreme weather events, threaten food supplies and increase public health risks. Please take 1 minute, and ask our Montana Senators to oppose these resolutions that put the health of our children and families at risk, threaten the quality of our air, and strip the tools Montana needs to address dangerous carbon pollution.

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