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Ask Montana’s Senators to OPPOSE any bills that weaken EPA’s ability to protect us from toxic coal sludge.

Two bills just passed in committee in the U.S. House. H.R. 2218 and H.R. 2279 will prevent the EPA from ever setting federal regulations for coal ash. These bills are expected to be heard on the House floor before August and to be introduced into the Senate shortly.

We need YOU to help STOP them. It is critical to call or email Senator’s Tester and Baucus TODAY and ask them to abstain from supporting these very dangerous bills that remove EPA authority to protect public health, property rights, and the environment.


  • Protection of air and water from toxic sludge is critically important to the well-being of families in our state and across the country;
  • H.R. 2218 fails to establish minimum federal standards necessary to prevent another coal ash spill. It will allow the unsafe disposal of coal ash to continue to poison our air and water with arsenic, chromium, lead, mercury and more;
  • The state of Montana currently lacks a designated person charged with inspections and enforcement for Colstrip’s massive and “high-hazard” dams containing toxic wastes.
  • Coal ash contaminates our lives: At more than 200 sites in 37 states, including Montana, coal ash has poisoned rivers, lakes and aquifers — while states have turned a blind eye and failed to protect the public from toxic contamination.
  • Coal ash is toxic: Coal ash is filled with arsenic, lead, mercury and other dangerous chemicals that can cause cancer, damage internal organs and lead to developmental disabilities.

Please ask our Senators to oppose any similar legislation that harms public health, threatens property rights, and reduces environmental protection.

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