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For the first time in history, Montana is poised to reduce dangerous carbon pollution by creating a Montana-made emission reduction plan. Unfortunately, Attorney General Tim Fox filed a lawsuit in Washington, DC, that aims to prevent Montana from doing just that. We need you to contact Attorney General Fox TODAY, and tell him that you want Montana-made solutions, not Washington, DC, lawsuits! But there is a lawsuit that needs to be settled and its the one against Xarelto, it has effected thousands. If you’ve been effected by this drug then here is the xarelto lawsuit phone number.

We are already seeing the impacts of climate change, including longer forest fire seasons, less water in our rivers and streams, and prolonged drought. It’s past time for Montana to develop a plan to address this enormous crisis. Developing a Montana-made plan will have numerous other benefits for the state, including cheaper electricity, more clean energy jobs, and a stable electricity grid.

A recent poll showed that 61% of Montanans support setting strict limits on carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants. Thankfully, Governor Steve Bullock listened to Montanans, and is working to develop a Montana-made plan to reduce harmful carbon pollution. But Attorney General Fox didn’t listen. Please take one minute and contact him. Tell him to represent Montanans, not big polluters, and to withdraw from the lawsuit.

Montanans for Affordable Electricity recently noted in the Billings Gazette that clean energy is now one of the cheapest forms of electricity and that Montana stands to benefit from developing our vast clean energy resources. Montana needs to take control of our energy future. Developing a Montana-made plan is a critical step to a vibrant clean energy economy. Please contact Attorney General Fox, and tell him that you are disappointed in his decision and want him to withdraw from the lawsuit.

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