HR 4402 heads to the floor for a vote as early as Wednesday, July 11th!

HR 4402 is the latest massive giveaway to the hardrock mining industry.

HR 4402, the “National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act of 2012” masquerades as a law about the importance of critical minerals to our economy. But, what this legislation is really about is limiting public review and environmental protection for all hardrock mines proposed anywhere in this country!

If this bill becomes law, it will allow the mining industry to poison our lakes, rivers and streams and disenfranchise local communities. We need your help now. Tell Representative Rehberg that HR 4402 is bad for the environment, bad for communities, and bad for Montana.

HR 4402 would:

  • Allow federal agencies to exempt mining from review under the National Environmental Policy Act. NEPA assures that everyday citizens can take part in the development and oversight of projects that affect our social, economic, and environmental health!
  • Cap the length of the permitting process to just 30 months. This risks having an adequate amount of time to review and analyze proposals that could have major impacts on our environment.
  • Allow federal regulators to exempt mining projects from the Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA). The EAJA is the law that allows everyday citizens and community groups the ability to hold government regulators and industry accountable.

We need your help now. Contact Dennis Rehberg TODAY, and urge him to stop the congressional proposal that risks contaminating our water and disenfranchising local communities.

Tell Rep. Rehberg that HR 4402 is bad for the environment and bad for communities. 

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