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Help Protect Our Homes and Water From Fracking – Support “Setbacks”

Hydraulic fracturing (a.k.a. fracking – an oil production technique) in Montana threatens our clean air and water, and can reduce our quality of life. The oil and gas industry has successfully fought against even the most modest regulations, and has largely succeeded in blocking them. Shockingly, Montana currently has no “setback” requirements for oil and gas development, meaning that there is no required minimum distance to provide a buffer between an oil or gas well and a home or source of water. The Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation (Board) is now considering the adoption of setback requirements for oil and gas development, and we need you to speak up in support today!

The Montana Legislature considered a bill that would have established a setback requirement of 1,000 feet for oil and gas wells from homes and water sources. However, at the request of the powerful oil and gas lobby, the bill was tabled in committee. Although the legislature rejected a setback requirement, we believe that the Board may consider setbacks if they hear from enough concerned Montanans!

Setbacks are incredibly important for protecting the private property of landowners and homeowners. Frequently, a landowner does not own the mineral estate (oil and gas resources) under his or her land, meaning that oil and gas developers have the right to explore and develop oil and gas without the consent of the surface owner. Establishing setbacks would help to strike a balance between oil and gas development and the ability of landowners to enjoy their property and to protect their property values. Setbacks would also protect our water resources from dangerous fracking chemicals. Water is the lifeblood for homeowners as well as farmers and ranchers, and we must do everything we can to protect it. Please take action TODAY. Ask the Board to adopt sensible setback requirements for oil and gas development!

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