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Montana’s clean energy future is at a crossroads. The Environmental Protection Agency’s new Clean Power Plan provides Montana with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for clean air and clean energy. This transition to cleaner electricity will bring the opportunity for thousands of new jobs in Montana.  But fossil fuel companies and their allies are dragging their feet — working overtime to convince Governor Bullock that the Clean Power Plan is a bad deal for Montana. We need you to contact Governor Bullock TODAY, and ask that he continue to support clean energy and move forward with a Montana-made plan to reduce carbon pollution.

Montana’s power plants produce toxins that poison our waters, haze that clouds our views, and sulfur and other pollution that cause asthma and respiratory disease. We can do better. Complying with the Clean Power Plan will also create thousands of new Montana jobs in wind, solar and energy efficiency businesses.

If Montana wants to protect public health and export its vast wind and solar resources, we must invest now in the next phase of renewable energy – not hold onto the outdated fossil fuel plants of the last century.

Tell Governor Bullock to support a Montana-made plan and help move our state to a lower carbon and economically vibrant energy future.

The Renewable Energy Standard has created a staggering 1,400 jobs since 2005. Today, wind production alone adds $17 million to Montana’s economy. We need to move quickly to lay the foundation for a permanent and sustainable clean energy economy.

The cost of doing nothing has a price.

  • Climate change is hurting Montana agriculture. Farmers are dealing with unpredictable weather patterns, ferocious storms, pests and areas of severe drought. That’s why so many farmers and ranchers across Montana are calling for action to address climate change.
  • Drier and longer summers are creating costly and dangerous wildfires that threaten firefighters, our health, and our communities.
  • Montana’s outdoor recreation economy generates nearly $6 billion for our economy every year. About 64,000 jobs are threatened by the very tangible effects of climate change.

The Clean Power Plan is Montana’s best shot at reducing carbon pollution, confronting climate change, protecting public health and creating good paying clean energy jobs. Tell Governor Bullock to support a made in Montana plan now!

Dirty vs. Clean

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