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The next few days are critical for Montana’s future.  Oregon Governor Kitzhaber is making decisions now that affect us all. In the next few days, Kitzhaber will decide whether to grant multi-national Australian corporation Ambre Energy a state lands permit for the Morrow Pacific coal export project. Tell Oregon’s Governor Kitzhaber that coal exports would be detrimental to Montana, and that he should deny Ambre’s Department of State Lands permit.

The coal companies are proposing to build the project in Oregon, but mining the coal has a direct and significant impact on Montana’s clean air and water. Ambre’s open-pit strip coal mining degrades Montana’s water quality, destroys wildlife habitat, and leads to irreversible climate change.

As you may know, coal companies want to strip-mine millions of tons of coal in Montana, put it on rail cars, and move it to the Oregon side of the Columbia River.  From there they want to load it onto barges, barging it down the Columbia River, where it would be loaded onto enormous ships bound for China, India and other countries.

Coal export is a carbon bomb that needs to be stopped.   Coal use is on the decline in the U.S. and now the companies need a new market.  Governor Kitzhaber should take a firm stand and protect Montana and the West from coal export.

Coal is the world’s dirtiest energy source and is America’s largest source of the pollution that causes dangerous climate change.  Americans across the country are turning to cleaner energy. We can do better than coal export and we are winning.  But you are needed to keep the momentum and make sure this project doesn’t move forward.

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