The Board of Directors has complete legal control of MEIC and overall responsibility for its well-being and success.

Current MEIC Board of Directors

  • Bob Gentry, President (Missoula)
  • Kim Wilson Vice President (Helena)
  • Dustin Leftridge, Secretary (Kalispell)
  • John Rundquist Treasurer (Helena)
  • Alexis Bonogofsky (Billings)
  • Greg Findley (Bozeman)
  • Hannah Gimpel (Hamilton)
  • Steve Gilbert (Helena)
  • Greg Lind (Missoula)
  • Jennifer Swearingen (Bozeman)
  • Augusta Clarke (Helena)
  • Charles Besancon (Missoula)
  • Bruce Bender (Missoula)
  • Erica Rosenberg (Washington, DC)
  • Lowell Chandler (Missoula)

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