The Montana Environmental Information Center is a non-profit environmental advocate founded in 1973 by Montanans concerned with protecting and restoring Montana’s natural environment.

Nearly 5,000 individuals in Montana and around the country support MEIC as members, both financially and with their activism.

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About MEIC

A Voice at the State Legislature. One of MEIC’s most important activities is lobbying the State legislature on Montana environmental issues. It is the reason MEIC was founded, and since the 1974 legislative session MEIC has been the leading voice for the environment. Because of MEIC’s presence, the Montana environment is guaranteed to receive attention at the Capitol.

A Government Agency Watchdog. MEIC is Montana’s environmental “watchdog.” It has successfully influenced state and federal agencies for more than three decades, monitoring issues from old growth forest protection, to standards for coal bed methane development, to air and water pollution permits. When all else fails, MEIC utilizes litigation to ensure that environmental laws are complied with.

A Promoter and Protector of the Constitution. MEIC works hard to uphold the valuable rights afforded by Montana’s Constitution, including the inalienable right to a clean and healthful environment, the right to participate in and know about government operations, and the right to have all lands disturbed by the taking of natural resources reclaimed.

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A Respected Media Source. MEIC has a long history of working with the mass media to raise public awareness and understanding of key environmental issues in Montana. Through writing opinion pieces and making its staff available to the press, MEIC makes sure that critical issues affecting the Montana environment receive the attention they deserve. MEIC provides a nonpartisan perspective, and is consistently quoted in a variety of Montana and national newspapers and other media.

A Grassroots Advocate and Public Educator. MEIC assists individuals and local organizations facing environmental problems by providing information, organizing and tactical advice, and technical assistance on Montana environmental issues. MEIC also has an active membership ready to submit comments, attend hearings, and go to public rallies when needed. MEIC regularly publishes newsletters and fact sheets to keep the public up to date on environmental issues in Montana.

Join MEIC’s Action Alert Network!

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