HB 193 would ensure NorthWestern Energy and Montana Dakota Utilities are treated the same before the Public Service Commission when determining revenue recovery for outages at power plants. Specifically, this bill removes NorthWestern Energy’s exclusive ability to pass on the cost of power plant outages to customers even when the costs were imprudently incurred by the company. MDU does not have this ability. The PSC voted unanimously to support HB 193.

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  1. […] HB 193 (Rep. Tom Woods, D – Bozeman), which was motivated in large part by MEIC’s successful effort to keep NWE from passing on to ratepayers imprudently incurred costs related to an outage at Colstrip. The bill gives the PSC greater authority to review rate increase requests and to potentially disallow those deemed unjustified, forcing the company to be more accountable for the costs it incurs. […]

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