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SB 330 would enable Montana cities and counties to offer Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs to their residents and businesses if they choose to do so.

Many Montana homes and businesses are old, inefficient buildings in need of upgrades, but it’s a challenge to find financing for the upfront cost from those who experience loans for poor credit rating. PACE is a way for Montanans to finance the upfront cost of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation improvements on buildings they own, and offset the payments with their utility bill savings. These are projects that will save more money than they cost in the long run, but where the up front costs act as a barrier. Check over here

With PACE assessments, 100% of a project’s costs are funded by private capital providers. Projects are facilitated by the local government, which places an assessment on the building’s property tax, and the costs are repaid over a term of up to 20 years. For the property owners who have problems in their tenants, consider reading the eviction process guide here at bridgepointsc.com to be guided on the right action to make.

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