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Representative Forrest MandevilleThis bill would require Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to review and rewrite water quality rules related to non-degradation requirements that may impact subdivisions and the effects they may pose from wastewater discharges to groundwater and surface water. There are already extensive rules and statutes governing this issue specifically trying to prevent degredation of high quality waters from pollution. Montana’s Water Quality Act (WQA) requires the DEQ to protect high quality of state water from degradation at levels to adequately protect, and prevent degradation our natural resources. The non-degradation rules apply to any activity that may affect the quality of surface or ground water. This bill directs DEQ to write new rules that are based on a generic distance between a septic systems discharge to groundwater and surface water. This analysis should be based on science, as is currently the case.


2 Responses to " Skirting Around Clean Waters’ Nondegradation Review "

  1. […] HB 455 (Rep. Forrest Mandeville, R-Columbus) would require the Department of Environmental Quality to rewrite nondegradation water quality rules for subdivisions. Montana already has rules and statutes preventing pollution of high quality waters. The bill directs DEQ to establish exemptions to nondegredation rules for subdivisions based on a predetermined generic distance and appears to direct the Board of Environmental Review to adopt whatever rules DEQ develops. This bill passed the House 58-41 and will be heard in the Senate soon. Ask your Senator to oppose this bill. […]

  2. […] HB 455 would have required the Department of Environmental Quality to rewrite water quality protection rules for subdivisions to expand the exemptions from water quality requirements and mandated that the Board of Environmental Review adopt whatever rules DEQ proposed. The bill passed the House on a 58-41 vote but was tabled in the Senate Local Government Committee. […]

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