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This bill, as amended, would impose a $95 annual fee on electric vehicles and increase the fee $3 for every cent increase in the gas tax. It would also impose a fee on other alternative fuels like propane and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG).

There are only about 400 electric vehicles in Montana, putting them squarely in the early adopter phase for a new technology. These vehicles benefit Montana by reducing air pollutants that harm human health and create smog in our valleys. They also help move the nation away from reliance on foreign oil and the international conflicts we have fought to secure oil supplies.

No calculation was made for these benefits and penalties and dis-incentives for this new technology does not make sense at this time.

5 Responses to " Annual Fees for Electric Vehicles "

  1. […] or e-mail your Montana House Representative and ask him or her to oppose HB 205 (Rep. Alan Redfield, R-Livingston). The bill would impose a $300 annual fee on electric vehicles […]

  2. Matthew Norman says:

    As a future Tesla Model 3 owner, the EV fee isn’t too bad. I don’t agree with it completely, but it is fairly equitable. Average driver travels 13,500 miles a year, and average vehicle gets 25 mpg (NHTSA). At 27.5 cents/gallon gas tax, this comes out to $148.50 a year in gas taxes for an average gas vehicle. Now take that mpg and bring it to parity with a similar sized car as your typical EV (Model X and S are currently outliers in their size), and lets say 30mpg equivalent, and that’s still $124 a year in gas tax equivalent that an EV owner would pay if their car were gas powered. I agree, we shouldn’t be applying fee’s to early adopters, but $95 a year isn’t outrageous. I do believe in fairness, and EV’s should ultimately contribute their fair share.

    Now for the Hybrid fees. This is TOTAL CRAP. Not only do hybrids pay gas taxes, most hybrids are still only in the mid-30’s for mpg. A pure gas Honda civic gets 40 mpg! Should we charge them a fee too? Also, the annual $3 increase per 1 cent gas tax increase is DOUBLE TAXATION for hybrid owners. They would be paying this at the pump, as well as in their annual fees. DOUBLE TAXATION.

  3. […] HB 205 (Rep. Alan Redfield, R-Livingston) would impose annual fees on electric and hybrid vehicles to supposedly compensate lost gas tax revenue for road maintenance. Hybrid vehicles already pay gas taxes with some vehicles getting as little as 21 miles per gallon. The fee is arbitrary and punitive. This bill will be heard on March 9th in the Senate Highway and Transportation Committee. Ask your Senator to vote no. […]

  4. John Galt says:

    Looks like a great opportunity for compromise rather than just saying NO. Gas taxes are all about supporting the infrastructure we drive on every day. I don’t believe in “free rider” principles on any level. As mpg levels increase and saturation of hybrid and electric vehicles increase the revenue from gas taxes to support our transportation infrastructure decreases. Driving a hybrid or electric vehicle on a pot hole riddled road doesn’t benefit anyone. You are just setting Montana up for a network of toll roads.
    Propose a solution rather than Just Say No!

  5. […] the category of bills looking for a problem that does not exist, HB 205 (Rep. Alan Redfield, R–Livingston) initially would have assessed an extra $300 annual […]

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