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Senator Duane AnkneyThis bill would penalize the owners for the Colstrip plant for deciding to close Units 1 & 2. The bill imposes a $60 million+ penalty on the two Colstrip owners for agreeing to close two of the four units at the plant.

2 Responses to " A Defective and Costly Energy Transition Bill "

  1. […] rise to the top of the lousy idea list. We highlight the bill that has a hearing this week, SB 338 (Sen. Duane Ankney, R-Colstrip). SB 338  is a punitive bill that will scare away investments in large-scale clean energy […]

  2. […] SB 38 (Sen. Ankney) would have charged the owners of Colstrip Units 1 & 2 a $60 million “exit fee” for closing those units, even though the owners have paid for schools, parks, and nearly all of the town’s property taxes for decades. (Even after Units 1 & 2 close, it is estimated the plant owners will pay around 70% of the local property taxes.) Even Sen. Ankney ultimately agreed that SB 38 was too extreme and the bill was tabled in the Senate Energy Committee. […]

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