Know how your legislators voted, and hold them accountable for their votes. Don’t forget to thank them when they voted correctly. Remember that in order to fully evaluate a legislator, you must also consider committee performance, influence on the floor debates, and responsiveness to constituents. The  and  indicate whether the vote supported () or opposed () the protection of Montana’s environment. A vote marked A = absent, and a vote marked E = excused. Legislators are only scored on the bills in which they were present to vote. The votes used in this score card are only a selection of the most important bills during the session. For a full list of bills, visit MEIC’s Bill Tracker.

Once you know who your Representative is, you can search for them by name or by town to see their votes! If you are using a device with a smaller screen, such as a smartphone, you can scroll right in the table to see the full list of your legislators votes.

RepresentativeTownScoreHR 2HB 205HB 339HB 455HB 593SB 7SB 32SB 235SB 337SB 338
Abbott, KimHelena90%
Anderson, FredGreat Falls30%
Bachmeier, JacobHavre80%
Ballance, NancyHamilton20%
Bartel, DanLewistown40%
Beard, BeckyElliston10%
Bennett, BryceMissoula100%
Berglee, SethJoliet20%
Bishop, LaurieLivingston100%
Brodehl, RandyKalispell20%
Brown, BobThompson Falls20%
Brown, ZachBozeman80%
Burnett, TomBozeman20%
Cook, RobConrad10%
Court, VirginiaBillings100%A
Cuffe, MikeEureka10%
Curdy, WillisMissoula90%
Curtis, AmandaButte80%
Custer, GeraldineForsyth0%
Doane, AlanBloomfield11%A
Dudik, KimberlyMissoula90%
Dunwell, Mary AnnHelena100%
Eck, JennyHelena90%
Ehli, RonHamilton20%
Ellis, JanetHelena100%
Essmann, JeffBillings20%
Fern, DaveWhitefish100%
Fitzgerald, RossFairfield20%
Fleming, JohnSaint Ignatius100%
Flynn, KellyTownsend20%
Funk, MoffieHelena90%
Galt, WylieMartinsdale20%
Garner, FrankKalispell10%
Glimm, CarlKila10%
Greef, EdwardFlorence20%
Grubbs, BruceBozeman20%
Gunderson, SteveLibby10%
Hamilton, JimBozeman90%
Hamlett, BradleyCascade20%
Harris, BillWinnett30%
Hayman, DeniseBozeman100%
Hertz, AdamMissoula20%
Hertz, GregPolson20%
Hill-Smith, EllieMissoula90%
Holmlund, KennethMiles City20%
Hopkins, MikeMissoula30%
Jacobson, TomGreat Falls60%
Jones, DonaldBillings10%
Karjala, JessicaBillings90%
Keane, JimButte20%
Kelker, KathyBillings90%
Kipp III, GeorgeHeart Butte100%
Knokey, JonBozeman50%
Knudsen, AustinCulbertson20%
Knudsen, CaseyMalta20%
Lavin, SteveKalispell10%
Lenz, DennisBillings20%
Loge, DenleySaint Regis0%
Lynch, RyanButte70%
Mandeville, ForrestColumbus30%
Manzella, TheresaHamilton30%
McCarthy, KellyBillings90%
McConnell, NateMissoula90%
McKamey, WendyGreat Falls20%
Morigeau, ShaneMissoula90%
Mortensen, DaleBillings20%
Noland, MarkBigfork10%
O'Hara, JamesFort Benton20%
Olsen, AndreaMissoula90%
Patelis, JimmyBillings22%A
Peppers, RaeLame Deer80%
Perry, ZacHungry Horse80%
Pierson, GordonDeer Lodge50%
Price, JeanGreat Falls80%
Redfield, AlanLivingston20%
Regier, MattKalispell20%
Ricci, VinceLaurel10%
Rosendale, AdamBillings20%
Ryan, MarilynMissoula80%
Sales, WaltManhattan10%
Schreiner, CaseyGreat Falls80%
Shaw, RaySheridan10%
Sheldon-Galloway, LolaGreat Falls40%
Skees, DerekKalispell20%
Smith, BridgetWolf Point100%
Staffanson, ScottSidney10%
Stewart-Peregoy, SharonCrow Agency90%
Swanson, KathyAnaconda80%
Trebas, JeremyGreat Falls30%
Tschida, BradMissoula20%
Usher, BarryBillings10%
Vinton, SueBillings20%
Kirk, WagonerMontana City10%
Webb, PeggyBillings10%
Webber, SusanBrowning90%
Welch, TomDillon10%
White, KerryBozeman22%A
Windy Boy, JonathanBox Elder50%
Woods, Tom
Zolnikov, DanielBillings40%
RepresentativeTownScoreHR 2HB 205HB 339HB 455HB 593SB 7SB 32SB 235SB 337SB 338

Score Card Votes

HR 2 (Rep. Daniel Zolnikov, R-Billings)

  • Description: Resolution urging Bonneville Power Administration to eliminate extra transmission fee on exported renewable energy.
  • MEIC Position: Support.
  • House vote used: 2nd reading, passed 73 to 27.
  • Status: Resolution adopted.

HB 205 (Rep. Alan Redfield, R-Livingston)

  • Description: Would set arbitrary and excessive annual fees on electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • MEIC Position: Oppose.
  • House vote used: 2nd reading, passed 58 to 42.
  • Status: Passed House and Senate. Vetoed by Governor.

HB 339 (Rep. Carl Glimm, R-Kila)

  • Description: Would re-open exempt well loophole, deplete stream-flows, and harm senior water rights.
  • MEIC Position: Oppose.
  • Votes used: 3rd reading, passed 62 to 38.
  • Status: Passed the House and Senate. Vetoed by Governor.

HB 455 (Rep. Forrest Mandeville, R-Columbus)

  • Description: Would require DEQ to rewrite and likely weaken water quality rules for subdivisions.
  • MEIC Position: Oppose.
  • House Vote used: 2nd reading, passed 56 to 44.
  • Status: Tabled in Senate Local Government Committee.

HB 593 (Rep. Nate McConnell, D-Missoula)

SB 7 (Sen. Pat Connell, R-Hamilton)

  • Description: Would discriminate against net-metered customers by changing standard electricity ratemaking procedures.
  • MEIC Position: Oppose.
  • House vote used: 3rd reading, passed 56 to 42.
  • Status: Passed the House and Senate. Vetoed by Governor.

SB 32 (Sen. Keith Regier, R-Kalispell)

  • Description: Would weaken the Renewable Energy Standard.
  • MEIC Position: Oppose.
  • House vote used: 2nd reading, passed 60 to 40.
  • Status: Passed the House and Senate. Vetoed by the Governor.

SB 235 (Sen. Tom Richmond, R-Billings)

  • Description: Would allow Land Board to extend coal leases for Otter Creek coal tracts.
  • MEIC Position: Oppose.
  • House vote used: 3rd reading, passed 67 to 33.
  • Status: Passed the House and Senate. Awaiting Governor’s action.

SB 337 (Sen. Duane Ankney, R-Colstrip).

  • Description: Would eliminate Montana Board of Environmental Review.
  • MEIC Position: Oppose.
  • House vote used: 3rd reading, passed 57 to 43.
  • Status: Passed the House and Senate. Awaiting Governor’s action.

SB 338 (Sen. Duane Ankney, R-Colstrip)

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