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The Montana Department of Transportation (MDOT) is considering regulations that would allow for energy wasting and distracting, electronic billboards along highways or interstates. The MDOT appears to be caving to the demands of the advertising industry, and has crafted new regulations that would overturn MDOT’s current ban on electronic billboards. We need you to take 1 minute, contact the MDOT, and tell them that electronic billboards are unsightly, distracting, a waste of energy, and are not welcome in Montana.

Read the Proposed Rules

2015 was a record breaking year for Montana tourism, with up to 12 million visitors to our great state. They didn’t come to Montana to look at flash billboards that are lit up 24 hours a day. They came for expansive vistas, and the ability to avoid obnoxious electronic distractions. Take 1 minute, and contact the MDOT. Ask that they uphold Montana’s current prohibition on electronic billboards.

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