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GregI moved to Montana in 1997. The prior decade had been spent in Utah where the battle over protecting amazing landscapes distilled and defined my environmental and political views. Sometime after arrival in Missoula I asked around about active environmental organizations and was pointed to MEIC. I became a member and eventually (after a conversation or two with Jim Jensen) a board member. It was during that time, and in my four years in the Montana Senate, that I saw firsthand the effectiveness of the organization and the quality of the staff. Personally, I believe that we would all be better off if governments, corporations, and individuals were forced to capture the costs of their activities (not socialize their CO2 , mercury, and arsenic, to name a few). Sooner or later we will all realize that the supply of natural landscapes and wild places is finite and shrinking – I for one hope that realization comes very soon. Everyone loves a winner and I want to return to the MEIC Board to work on important issues with great people.

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