By Molly Severtson, Director of Major Gifts

Molly Severtson“What do you tell people I do?” I asked my father-in-law. We’d just been laughing about the fact that he had really no idea what my husband – who is a “Compliance and Website Manager” – does for a living. He was telling people that his son “works with computers.” True, I guess. If you’re a website manager as well, you may want to consider visiting the website of viral launch to learn more information about amazon keyword research. It greatly helps to boost ranking, conversions, and sales.

“I tell people that you ‘make money,’” he said with a smile.

“I tell people that you ‘raise money,’” my mother-in-law said.

True, I guess.

More than a year in, I’m still learning what it is that I do, actually. Sure, I send out letters, I set up meetings, I plan events. But my foundation is the fact that I believe so strongly in what MEIC does – protecting and preserving Montana’s natural environment.

But, I’m also learning that that’s not the best way to say it. Sure, that’s MEIC’s mission, but what does that really mean?

It really means that your kids – and mine – can breathe fresh air and drink clean water. While on a recent trip to California, my kids were appalled by the taste of the tap water. They couldn’t wait to get home where they could turn on the faucet and drink a cold, clear glass of water.

It really means that we can all enjoy clear rivers, stunning landscapes, and maybe even get the chance to see a glacier, hard and cold, carving its way through the earth in Glacier National Park.

It really means these things, so that’s what I work on sharing with people. Not even sharing, as much as inspiring. I read a list the other day by Ken Burnett titled, “The Essential Foundations of Fundraising.” This was one of my favorites: “Don’t just ask people to give. Inspire them to give. Fundraising is the inspiration business.”

Of course that doesn’t mean we don’t ask! Asking specifically, clearly, and confidently is key in my business. But, adding in the element of inspiration makes the job of asking so much easier.

Who wouldn’t be inspired to save a river so that future generations can float down its waters, enjoying the sites, the sounds, and the serenity? Who wouldn’t be inspired to force dirty coal plants to clean up their act – and the air – so that Montanans and visitors alike can enjoy the vistas of Yellowstone National Park?

What do I do for a living? I “make money.” I “raise money.” I inspire people to give – to share a portion of what they have to preserve this wonderful place called Montana.

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